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September 8th, 2011

Oria’s O’shay Nature’s Butter – Business Spotlight

Maria Lee-Driver CEO Oria's O'Shay

Incite-tv would like to welcome Maria Lee-Driver the owner of Oria’s O’shay Nature’s Butter. We have had a chance to review her product and found it remarkably refreshing and effective with multiple benefits. Oria’s O’Shay Nature’s Butter is the initial product developed to launch the hair and skincare line. There are currently two types of formulas available, scented and unscented.  The use of all natural products allows consumers to have confidence the product will promote healthy hair and radiant skin. This product can be utilized as a moisturizer for the hair and skin, and as a calming relief for eczema and other skin conditions.

So What? There are many products on the shelves that claim to have the same properties as Oria’s O’Shay…right? We did a little research and found that some products claimed to natural were not – in fact some labels even listed the chemicals names. Incite-tv advises you to read the labels of other products before buying.

The use of natural ingredients and inspired marketing, separates Oria’s O’Shay from other products in the same market.  Similar supplier lines provide several products either for hair or skin care. The definitive factor with Oria’s O’Shay is the multi-use factor.  This product can be used for hair and skin, while competitors have different products for each application.  In the current economic climate, having a product for hair and skin is not only convenient, but saves money.

While there has been an increase in the use of natural butters and oils (such as olive, Shea and jojoba), Oria’s O’Shay has created a perfect blend of ingredients to moisturize and nourish hair and skin. This is the creative difference between Oria’s O’Shay and competitive products. Oria’s O’Shay products are of the highest quality that actually do provide lasting moisturizing benefits to the user and does not rely on the word “natural” to sell and retain consumers.

Incite-tv recommends this product for all of our current and future subscribers. You can find it in Whole Food Stores Across the Country. Oria’s Oshay created a new 4oz. Jar at a special price of $15.00. Subscribe to us today and receive the discount link! The 100th new subscriber will receive a free 4oz. jar on us! Below is an interview with Maria Lee-Driver CEO of Oria’s O’Shay.

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